Saturday, 23 April 2016

Songs Of The Month - April

Hey Guyssss!

Since it's the 24th of April I'm guessing you can already imagine what today's post is going to be about... You can't? Okay, let me tell you.

If you're new here then I will give you a little background; every month I choose 5 songs I have been loving and tell you all to go listen to them. Simple and easy! Haha!

So, let's start. As always, just click the picture below the paragraphs to be directed straight to the song. YO WELCOME.

1. Angels and Airwaves - Voyager

So, early this month A&A released a brand new EP and I'm not going to lie... I almost pee'd with excitement. If you know me in real life then you will probably know how much I love A&A so when they released this EP I had to listen straight away.

Although, I have to say from a completely biased point of view all songs are PERFECT. Voyager is one that has really stuck out for me. It's kind of one of those that you can repeat over and over and over again without it becoming annoying. If you haven't listened to their new EP then please do, you won't regret it!

2. Box Of Light - Gone Forever

I honestly don't know where to start with this song! It's no secret that Helen Anderson is one of my fav YouTubers and she just so happens to have a band that makes really great music too - BONUS.

I've been listening to a lot of their stuff lately so it was quite the challenge trying to just pick one for this list but this one just really stands out for me. It's a song that you want to listen to to help you feel motivated and happy. I aboloutley love the vibe this song gives and I would definantly pick this as
my Box Of Light favourite.

3. Daughtry - Torches

Daughtry have been one of my all time favourites for years now and I can honestly say I have never been disappointed by a song they have made. They recently released a greatest hits album and on it was a new track called 'Torches'. From the first couple of words into the song I knew I was going to love it and since then it's been on repeat.

Highly, highly recommend giving this one a listen.

4. Blink 182 - Even If She Falls

So, if you know who the lead singer of Angels and Airwaves is then it will come as no surprise to you that I am also a HUGE fan of Blink 182.

Lately, I have been having a good ole' listen to their old albums and after doing so I then realised I had kind of forgotten how much I loved the most recent one they released (which is still also from a few years back) I started listening and now it has become my favourite album to get ready to of a morning. BLISS.

5. In This Moment - Call Me

Now this one is an old classic! Only over the past year and a half have I been a big fan of In This Moment. After hearing their new (at the time) track 'Big Bad Wolf' and falling in love with it I started listening to them more and more. 

I had heard their version of 'Call Me' a good few times in the past and absoloutley loved it so when I rediscovered it, it was only nice of me to have it full blast & on repeat! I absoloutley love this cover so much and not to mention how amazing Maria Brinks' hair is in the video!

So, that's it for this months favourite songs!

What have been your favourites this month? Are there any of these that you love too? Let me know below!

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen. xxxxxx


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Working With Brands & Being Let Down

Hello beauties!

I hope you're all doing okay! I feel like I've been severely bad at blogging this month due to 2 reasons:

1. I am now working 2 jobs - hellooooo sleepiness!
2. I have had writers block SO bad

But hey, I'm here now aren't I so let's get onto what I came here to talk about.

If you are viewing this post as a fellow blogger you will completely understand that working with brands is not as simple as you think when you first begin. Sometimes we get conned, sometimes we get let down and sometimes brands just don't take small bloggers too seriously.

I try to keep this blog as positive as possible but today I needed to vent to you about a little experience I had recently whilst being in touch with a brand. I ummm'd and ahhh'd about doing this post for so long because I wasn't sure if it would put other companies off of working with me in the future but if you know me or you regularly read my blog you will know that I am always 100% honest in my posts and although it may put some brands off - I'm not about to stop now.

So, let's start from the very beginning.

Back when I started my blog I done a post about Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. I had purchased them out of curiosity and ended up loving them so much that I would constantly talk about them on my social media's. Not only had I blogged about them but I'm pretty sure I had also mentioned them on my make up tutorials on YouTube, so it was fair to say I was a fan of their products.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling super brave and decided to send them a little message on instagram to see if they where interested in working on a blog post with me and to my surprise I got a response after a few hours asking me to email them to talk about further details. As you can imagine I was over the moon so I sent an email over straight away. I included my blog link, a link to the post I had done about them before and also little screenshots of times I had mentioned them on my social media to show that I was a genuine lover of their products. So, over the next few days I repeatedly checked my email to see if I had received a response and after the second week of waiting I decided to message them again on instagram to see if they could help me out - to which I also recieved no response.

At this point I'm slightly annoyed but I definantly wasn't about to give up that easily.

I decided to then send them over a tweet asking if they knew why I hadn't had a reply. After a short wait I received a response asking me to send over an email to a completely different email address the instagram account had given me beforehand.

Annoying - yes. But I still decided to go ahead and send over another email.

2 weeks later and still no response.

I'm kind of losing my patience at this point so I decided to reach out to their twitter again as they seemed to be the only ones who where willing to help. I told them again that I hadn't recieved a response to which they asked me to send them my email and they would have someone contact me. Within 2 minutes of sending over my email I received an email asking what was wrong with my order... eh?... order?.... Am I missing something here?

I replied explaining the situation and after a little while I received a response asking me to send another email to another different email address and at this point writing the same email over and over had become a little bit of a p*ss take. I figured I would try one more time as surely they couldn't ignore me AGAIN.... right?...... WRONG. Again, no response.

I wait a few weeks and decided that I would go to their website and find a customer service email. I send an email of around 4 paragraphs explaining the situation and then at the end stated that I no longer wanted to work with them and that I was genuinely upset by the lack of care from a brand that I actually loved.

I got a response saying that they where sorry but they had been switching around positions over the last 2 weeks (baring in mind I had been trying to get a response from them for around a month or two at this point) and that I can fill out a form and send ANOTHER email to ANOTHER email address and to end the email she says 'I hope it goes through this time!'. So basically, she's not even sure that the email she wanted me to send out was actually going to get a reply.

As a person who works in retail and has done for almost 4 years I completely fail to understand how so many emails have not been read or replied too and I was definantly not wasting my time writing another email that will possibly get no response too.

I have never been so disappointed by a brand I genuinely liked before and I definantly will no longer be talking about or purchasing their products.

I would really like to know if you have ever experienced anything like this if you are a blogger?

Sorry for having a huge rant but I definantly don't want anyone else to go through the same thing and I also wanted to show others that working with brands can sometimes be a difficult and disappointing process.

I hope you all have a lovely week and I will be returning with another post very soon!

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen. xxxxx


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Crazy Life

Hi guys!

I feel like I haven't posted in so long! So sorry, I've just started working two jobs so I've been trying to organise myself a little more. I will definantly be posting more once I have settled at my new job.

Recently I've been thinking so much about how crazy life is. How quickly things can change and how we act as humans.

Day to day so many of us hate ourselves for reasons that we can't change or for reasons that society tells us we should hate ourselves for. It's only started setting in as I'm getting older that so many of these things just don't matter to me any more.

Doing blogging and YouTube I am most of the time on social media and that sometimes messes with my head. I see so many young people (and when I say young I mean like 10 + maybe even younger!) writing online about how ugly they are or how fat they are and it baffles me that those are worries people have at that age.

Why can't we just love life and love ourselves? 

We are given this chance to live a life that could be amazing if only we allowed it to be. We are the ones who put ourselves down and convince ourselves that we deserve no more than what we already have. We could love ourselves if only we took the time and realised just how beautiful we are in someone else's eyes. Instead we look to photo shopped pictures to tell ourselves that we're not beautiful.

I'm going away on holiday in a few weeks and at first I will be honest I was dreading it and for one reason only - my body. I kept having these voices in my head telling me how disgusting I would look in a swimming costume and how ugly I would look on the holiday pictures.

However, I took a step back. I am lucky enough to go on holiday in the first place - I shouldn't be feeling like it's burden because it definantly isn't. Why does it matter that I don't have a 'bikini body'? Who actually even cares that I don't apart from myself? It's so hard to shake bad thoughts from your mind but please do, they are poison. As long as you are happy, healthy and a beautiful soul you have nothing to worry about.

I also wanted to touch on the way that we treat each other.

I feel like the way the world is right now we should all try to stop petty arguments and treat each other right. We never know what tomorrow can bring.

It's hard to get out of the habit of caring about things that don't matter but once you do, life just kind of becomes a lot easier. A little bit of positive thinking can lead you to a positive life and that's definantly something I've learnt over the past couple of months.

I hope this post hasn't been too much of a word vomit but these are just some thoughts running through my mind right now that I really wanted to share.

I hope you're all having a beautiful day.

Thank you for reading,

Katie Ellen xxxx

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